Subtle Disguise

Joe Locke - Subtle Disguise

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Label Origin Records

Released 2018

also featuring Jim Ridl, Lorin Cohen, Samvel Sarkisyan

special guests Raul Midón, David Binney, Adam Rogers, Alina Engibaryan

Project categories: discography - (band leader)

"Blending the personal, the political, and the poetic into an artfully assembled package, Locke makes a profound statement about our times." - Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

Joe Locke - Subtle Disguise band
Joe Locke, Raul Midon
Joe Locke - Subtle Disguise

More about this album

Joe Locke discovers his Lingua Franca with Subtle Disguise

For several years now vibraphonist/composer/bandleader Joe Locke has had two musical purposes: one, to speak in a vernacular which reaches people, and two, to continue challenging himself as a player, writer and arranger. In 2013 Locke released Lay Down My Heart (Blues & Ballads, Vol. 1), which dealt with the first directive. Then in 2015 he completed the astounding Love Is a Pendulum, a suite in 5 movements, which addressed the second. Now, on his newest release, Subtle Disguise (available on Origin Records, November 16, 2018), both of these impulses have been integrated into one recording.

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  1. Comment by Ed Gallagher

    Ed Gallagher Reply 26th January 2020 at 17:57

    This album is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.
    Joe is a Baladeer, Engineer, Pioneer!

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