Malletech vibraphones and pickup system

Joe Locke - Malletech artistJoe Locke performs with the Malletech Omega vibraphone and pickup system.

Every feature of the ΩmegaVibe was developed with the input of pros who spend their lives not only playing, but carrying, setting up and breaking down vibes. We are indebted to all of them who have offered their input over the past few years. Designed with the serious musician in mind, the ΩmegaVibe offers a modern approach to the instrument. Find out more

The Malletech V3PS Pickup System

After gathering Joe Locke’s detailed specifications,  Malletech assembled a powerhouse team in order to create a game-changing product that is packed with the features players actually need. Every aspect was carefully considered and road-tested over its three-year development. Mike Pope and Joe Locke hunkered down in Mike’s studio, recording the vibes direct with different settings, pulling out the circuit boards and changing parts, dialing in the tone-shaping circuits to the exact sound Joe wanted to hear. The result is more natural-sounding than any electronic pickup system has any right to sound.

Joe Locke, malletechVisit Malletech for more information

Malletech Omega Vibraphone and Pickup SystemMalletech Omega Vibraphone and Pickup System
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Joe Locke, WVC Hall Of Fame

Joe Locke to be inducted into WVC Hall of Fame

We are thrilled to announce Joe Locke as the 2018 inductee into the WVC Hall of Fame as part of the 6th World Vibes Congress at the Malletech Studios on the 6th January. Joe will receive the honour together with the posthumously awarded Milt Jackson. To celebrate the occasion in style, Joe will also present his new […]

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Joe on the Malletech Omega

The instrument I play is my vehicle of expression and should enhance not hinder my creativity. The Malletech Omega does just that. It makes me feel like playing. When I step up to it and play a note it responds in a way that makes me feel good. Makes me wanna play another note and another note after that. It’s amazing […]

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Joe Locke & Warren Wolf

Vibes Marimba Piano Duo Locke/Wolf

Friday June 10, 2016 Baltimore (USA) An die Music 8:00pm / 9:30pm Two world class mallet men come together to create magical vibes. Locke/Wolf Duo is a brand new duo that first originated at the Umbria Winter Jazz Festival in December of 2013 in Orvieto, Italy. Joe Locke & Warren Wolf combine a mixture of hard […]

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