Available In Blue


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composed by Joe Locke / Wire Walker Music BMI

Available In Blue

from the album “Force Of Four”

from the album “Wish Upon A Star”



by Sara Krieger

A bird that searches for the sky
A dream that never got to fly
A plaintive wish that won’t come true
A heart that no one ever knew
Is just Available In Blue

A silent song, a serenade
A promise that was never made
A hope that could not follow through
A song so desolate and true
Is just Available In Blue

And as the night begins to fall
A shadow dances on the wall
A silhouette of sorrow
It reaches for tomorrow
Wondering if perhaps another dawn
Might open up its arms
And offer up a dream to hang its haunted heart upon

But then the dream is put away
Tomorrow’s just another day that brings a melancholy hue
So tell me, what’s a life to do-
When just Available In Blue?

© Sara Krieger


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