Friday June 10, 2016 Baltimore (USA)
An die Music 8:00pm / 9:30pm

Two world class mallet men come together to create magical vibes. Locke/Wolf Duo is a brand new duo that first originated at the Umbria Winter Jazz Festival in December of 2013 in Orvieto, Italy. Joe Locke & Warren Wolf combine a mixture of hard swinging jazz, elegant ballads and complex compositions. This is the debut of the duo for many shows to come.

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Fellow Malletech artist Warren Wolf is a multi-instrumentalist from Baltimore. From the young age of three, Warren has been trained on the Vibraphone/Marimba, Drums, and Piano. Under the guidance of his father Warren Wolf Sr., Warren has a deep background in all genres of music.

Warren attended the Peabody Preparatory for eight years studying classical music with former Baltimore Symphony Orchestra member Leo LePage. During his high school years at the Baltimore School for the Arts, he studied with current Baltimore Symphony Orchestra member John Locke. He then enrolled at Berklee College of Music where he studied with Carribean Jazz Vibraphonists Dave Samuels and  Ed Saindon.


Warren Wolf and Joe Locke at An die Musik #warrenwolf #joelocke

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