Jazziz Magazine proudly premiere Joe Locke’s new music video –  “Who Killed Davey Moore?” by Bob Dylan. The song tells the story of the championship fight between Moore and Sugar Ramos on March 21, 1963, which would result in Moore’s death. Locke’s version, featuring guest artist Raul Midon on vocals, manages to retain the pointed observation and literary detail of Dylan ’s lyrics, while adding new musical dimensions through rock-steady groove and innovative harmony. JAZZIZ is proud to premiere the video for this video via the player above.

As you watch, you may notice a few special guests cameos, including vocalist Ian Shaw as the referee and drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts as the manager. But the album itself also packs some serious star power, including special guests Adam Rogers (guitar), David Binney (saxophone), Alina Engibaryan (vocals) and Midon (vocals, guitar). Those stellar musicians join a core ensemble that includes Jim Ridl (piano, keyboards), Lorin Cohen (bass) and Samvel Sarkisyan (drums), all of whom articulate Locke’s original vision with precision and a healthy dose of flair.

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