Summer Knows

Joe Locke - Summer Knows

Label Eighty-Eights

Released 2004

also featuring Geoffrey Keezer, Terreon Gully, Ed Howards

Project categories: discography - (band leader)

The somewhat anonymous-sounding New Sound Quartet is a special group formed solely to record for Japanese jazz label Eighty-Eight's.

Joe Locke - Summer Knows
Joe Locke - Summer Knows

The combination of vibraphones or marimba and the piano as main instruments gives this group its unique sound. They bring interesting new ideas to well-known standards and provide intelligently-written originals. Trumpeter Eddie Henderson guest stars on Locke’s dreamy, landscape painting-like “Snowfall in Central Park.” Recommended!

Produced by Yasohachi “88” Itoh. Recorded by at Avatar Studio, New York on March 6, 2005. Mastered by Tohru Kotetsu, JVC Mastering Center. Limited-edition, X-Compound LP directly cut from original analog master tapes.

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