Joe is looking forward to be following an invitation by Geoffrey Keezer – friend and frequent artistic collaborator – for a number of concerts in CA and AZ this September. He is especially thrilled to be joining Geoffrey’s hand picked group of guests: Hawai’ian slack key guitarist Keola Beamer and vocalists Denise Donatelli and Gillian Margot.

“There’s a certain magical alchemy when a talented vibes player and a pianist combine the crystalline sound of their respective instruments…”
– Dan Bilawsky

Joe and Geoffrey have been working together on numerous concert and recording projects over the last two decades, most notably award winning The Joe Locke / Geoffrey Group (also feat. terreon Gully and Mike Pope), and Storms/Nocturnes (which is completed by British saxophonist and composer Tim Garland).

“I’ve often said that any day I get the chance to make music with Geoffrey Keezer is a good day. I’m looking forward to these good days ahead!”
– Joe Locke



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